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Delight Your Audience

Every successful event is held together by a strong thread that keeps things running tightly to schedule and helps to create a warm, energetic and inviting environment that delights its audience.

This thread is crucial in binding together not just the audience but the speakers, presenters and panellist. I am such a thread.

I have an authentic, engaging style which seasoned with vivacity, humour and humility as I guide the audience through your event. My job is to ensure that your event is seamless and engaging, keeping the audience in their seats.

I know how to build and sustain a stimulating atmosphere whilst ensuring that your event runs to time. Successful events start way before the event day. I’ll meet with you in advance to understand what you want from your event, help you navigate some of the finer points and ensure that I have been in contact with all the speakers and presenters who will grace my stage.

For me, good organisation is one of the keys to a successful event, as well as professionalism, warmth and energy, this is what I bring. I have the ability to transform even the most challenging events into a great experience for all.

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Build Confidence in others and Empower them

Hosting is not just about how the host engages with the audience. Speakers and panellists also want to feel safe in the Hosts hands, they want strong introductions, issues to be dealt with and the audience to be ready to receive them. That’s where I come in.

I certainly know how to build confidence in others and empower them to deliver at their best. When asked to pose questions to speakers and/or panellist I ensure that this is done in a meaningful way which ensures that they are the focus and that the question asked is answered.

I’m solution focused, so I cope effortlessly with mishaps, I hate chaos so order and organisation are paramount for me and I keep the audience informed.

Audiences don’t just want great content they want a great experience

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I’ve introduced tech giants like Steve Wozniak (co-founder Apple), Joseph Sirosh (VP Microsoft Cloud Computing), Renaud Visage (co-founder Eventbrite) onto stage. I’ve hosted Wembley Arena, The Austria Centre Vienna and even The Hungarian Railway Museum.


Previous Clients include:


We’ve all been to conference where the host sapped energy from the room rather than created it. That’s never going to your experience with me, whether a small conference, arena sized event or awards ceremony, contact me today to bring some much-needed energy to your stage.