Close That Sale - 7 Steps to Close the Sale & Make More Money - Madeline McQueen

This book provides a 7-step process for closing sales. It walks you through the questions to ask and the things to say so that you can more confidently, ask your potential client for the sale. This is not a sales Bible but, it does provide a systematic way for you to close that will work more often than not.

When you close more sales, you make more money, make more money and you can live your dreams. Without revenue generation, you don’t have a business, you need to close sales to earn an income and make a profit. Every time you don't ask for the sale you leave money on the table. The client is going to spend it with someone... why not you?

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Your Best Year Yet - Jinny Ditzler

Your Best Year Yet is the perfect guide to help you realise goals and overcome last year’s limitations. The proven methods in the book will make this year into the most successful ever.

Your Best Year Yet is the perfect handbook to help people realise their goals in 12 months. It asks you challenging questions about your expectations, accomplishments and goals for the future. It is not until you take the time to sit down and really think about what you want out of the next year that you can start working towards your goals.

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Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win Business and Influence Others - Sobel &  Panas

Skillfully redefine problems. Make an immediate connection with anyone. Rapidly determine if a client is ready to buy. Access the deepest dreams of others. Power Questions sets out a series of strategic questions that will help you win new business and dramatically deepen your professional and personal relationships. The book showcases thirty-five riveting, real conversations with CEOs, billionaires, clients, colleagues, and friends. Each story illustrates the extraordinary power and impact of a thought-provoking, incisive power question. Over 200 additional, thought-provoking questions are also summarised at the end of the book.

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Best Self Journal 

The Best Self Journal helps organise and align the tactical day to day tasks with larger life goals. Helping you craft 3-month goals is easier than creating long year or lifetime goals. Breaking down these goals into manageable chunks will give you the ability to easily know if you are on the right path. Creating a daily action plan to understand what action steps need to be taken each day to reach your goals. Helping you form habits that will make success not only optional but inevitable.

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The Dailygreatness Journal

A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days, combines a yearly diary, goal and appointment planner, and daily tools for self-mastery. Designed to be used throughout the calendar year, the daily pages will guide you to form great habits through the 8 daily steps of meditation and visualisation, intentions, dream journaling, gratitude, evening self-awareness questions, exercise, inspired actions and inspiration. The weekly and quarterly check-ins keep you committed, accountable and motivated. With a yearly review, that celebrates your achievements and highlights new opportunities for the coming year, each stage laying the foundations for achieving self-mastery, reaching your goals and finding and following your purpose.

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