The Power Day

What’s Stopping You?

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Build Clarity, Confidence, Empowerment together

You’ve got a yearning to make more of your life. You recognise that you have something to offer but it all feels a little foggy. You know that you’ve got skills and talents but you don’t feel like you’re making the best of them. Something, holding your back.

You say to yourself…

“I want to achieve more, do more and be more”

… and you really do. Yet, you’ve no idea where to start. Then, there’s a voice in your head that tells you not to be silly, that you should just settle, that you don’t have what it takes or that no one will take you seriously. In fact, it tells you that sooner or later everyone will work out that you are a fake.

It’s not true, but with only a vague idea of what you are capable of and no plan in place to achieve your dreams, that internal voice takes over, breeding doubt within you and keeping you stuck.

But, seriously, what is stopping you?

That negative voice can be drown out and you’d never be where you are now if you only ever listened to it. So, what keeps you stuck or prevents you from achieving your personal greatness?

This one-day workshop will work through the barriers to your success, give you clarity about what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. Build your confidence through evidence-based techniques and leave you more empowered and equipped to achieve your goals.

Come and join me and step into your magnificence!

Date: TBC

Time: 09:30 – 16:30

Venue: The Grove Hotel, Chandlers Cross, Watford, Hertfordshire WD3

*Refreshments: Teas,coffees and snacks and Lunch


  • The Magic of Motivation - eBook
  • 20 minutes follow up Zoom Call
  • *15% off any coaching booked within 90 days of the event day

Fee: £400.00 + VAT (£480.00)


About Madeline McQueen

Executive Coach, Trainer, Host, Speaker

I’m Madeline McQueen and everything I do is based on three words – Clarity, Confidence, and Empowerment. When you feel clear, you can find the evidence to feel confident and when you feel clear and confident you can certainly feel empowered to be and do more.

I deliver impactful coaching, soft skills training and speeches to help my clients step into their magnificence. It’s all supported with research, processes and strategy and sprinkled with warmth and a bit of fun. I work with Corporates, Universities and Entrepreneurs.

Come Joine me


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This Power Day will walk through my clarity, confidence and empowerment process to really put you in the driving seat, giving you the tools and strategies that you need to step into your personal power.

We will go through:

You can find out more below.

Success Barriers

  1. What is stopping you?

  2. What is it that you think that you can’t do?

  3. What’s holding you back from being more?

The barriers that we think we have tend to disappear when we start naming and shaming them. They then struggle to have a hold on us when we feel more confident and have a clear plan of action.

This workshop will provide all of that and so much more.


Whether it’s your career or personal goals, together, we’re going to get clear and specific about what they are, why they are important and how you can achieve them.

  1. You’ll get clear about what you want for your life

  2. What you want for your career or business

  3. What you want solely for you (something we rarely believe is possible)

  4. How you want to be seen in your working environment or business

  5. Why, your why is crucial to your success

Clarity is the precursor to your confidence, so in order to feel like you can achieve, we need to get clear about what you want for you.


Confidence trumps competence every day of the week and if you don’t feel confident it impacts your levels of achievement and the amount of influence that you have on others. Its far more difficult to get that pay rise, be taken seriously or impact outcomes without confidence.

Now, confidence doesn’t equal becoming someone loud and brash, that isn’t authentically you. But it is necessary to find your voice.

The best confidence is evidence based so I will work with you

  1. To help you discover your confidence evidence

  2. Show you how you can use that evidence to increase your confidence

  3. Help you discover your confidence skills and attributes

Even if you are already fairly confident, this will be the booster that will help you achieve more in 2019 than you ever have before.


Once you feel clear and confident, it’s time to stretch yourself to achieve more. Empowerment is a word that is bandied around these days and means different things to different people. For this workshop, it’s about how you can be powerful and equipped, to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone to make your goals a reality.

We’ll look at

  1. What you have always wanted to do and but held back on

  2. How else you can stretch yourself to create a never-ending supply of evidence, confidence and success

  3. Who can support you to help you maintain your empowerment

Success Tools

I’m going to run through with you some tools that are so taken for granted but rarely taught.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Ask better questions

  2. Use your body to trick your mind into action

  3. The learning cycle and how it impacts confidence.

Success Plan

You will leave with an action plan to achieve what you are capable of. Once you’re clear, confident and empowered, we’ll take some time to put a success plan of action in place so that you don’t lose momentum.

Because it’s true… fail to plan, plan to fail!

Bonus Catch Up Call

I know how challenging it can be to overcome your biggest hurdle to achieve your success. What’s your biggest hurdle? You.

So, I’m also offering you

  1. A 20-minute catch-up Zoom Call

  2. Within 30 days of the workshop.

  3. Completely free with no catches.

Follow up can make all the difference. I want to ensure that you are putting what you gained into action and feel supported to do so.

If you decide that you would like to work with me as your Coach, then you’ll get 15% off any coaching you choose to do with me, as long as it’s for a minimum of 3 sessions*.

About the Venue

When you work on yourself you need to work in an inspiring environment that really help you feel great. That’s why I’ve chosen to deliver this workshop at The Grove in Chandler’s Cross, Watford.

Set in 300 acres of stunning Hertfordshire countryside, The Grove is the ultimate five-star retreat. Lovingly restored, the former home of the Earls of Clarendon is situated just 18 miles from London, and is home to an award-winning spa, championship golf course and mouth-watering restaurants.

Included in your fee are teas, coffees and glorious snacks throughout day as well as lunch in the Glass House Restaurant which offers a buffet lunch like no other.


I’m looking forward to seeing you step into your personal power. Join me!