Stop Focusing on Your Competition

In business we are told to keep looking at what the competition are doing, how they are doing it and who they are doing it with. There is a obsession with keeping up with the Jones's and always poking your nose to see what next door has done with their house in comparison to yours. Individuality

I'm going to be a little controversial and go against the grain, stop looking and what your competition is doing. Their focus is to do everything that they can to win your customers over to themselves they are focused on creating campaigns that will ensure that your clients will be theirs sooner rather than later. So why on earth are you focusing on them? You will end up being a poor version of what they offer as you spend time and energy attempting to replicate their good ideas.

Be more!

stockfresh_1670217_searching-for-customers---magnifying-glass-tio-find-buyers_sizeXSFocus on your customers, get to know them intimately. Know what they like, what they are interested in, what they like about your company it's products and services. Get to know what they buy from you and why they buy it. Find out from them what could be improved in your business and then take steps to improve it.

Make your customers your focus not your competition.  Make the changes that they highlight to you, make their customer experience outstanding and anticipative. Don't wait for them to complain do what needs to be done in advance.

These are the things that will make you stand out from the crowd. These are the things that will keep your customer coming back to you and not going to your competition. Make your customers lives easy, ensure that your business is accessible, ensure that they can find you in all then places that they expect you to be. Offer them payments in the most common ways today. Seek own new an innovative ways of doing things and then get your customers to tell you how it works for them. Of course there will always be someone who moans about what you do and how  you do it. Stop taking this as a negative affront to you and your business and start taking note. Your most miserable customer can become your best ally if you are willing to listen and take action.

Focus on how  you can make your customer experience amazing, seamless and integrated. If you are going to look at anyone else apart from your customers, look at best practices across industries to see how you can incorporate them into your business and find out from  your customers if they would benefit from them before your integrate them.

Here are some things that you can do:

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Survey your customers (honestly, no questions that steer only in your favour)

MMBullet_Green smaller Follow up after you have delivered and product or service to find out how things went

MMBullet_Green smaller Create customer incentives, whether rebates, special offers or reward points

MMBullet_Green smaller Ensure that your employees are customer focused so that they anticipate the needs of your customers before they arise

MMBullet_Green smaller Track and monitor your interaction with you customers so that you can easily evaluate how they use you and how you need to anticipate their needs

MMBullet_Green smaller Ask your customers questions, you don't always need to create  formal survey to get customer feedback. Ask a question at point of sales or delivery about what they liked or did not like about their experience

MMBullet_Green smaller Offer your customer education as part of your service and the evaluate how useful they find this. (Whether via video, audio or PDF providing that extra bit of information can make all the difference to you customer

MMBullet_Green smaller Speak your customers language, jargon will confuse them even if you feel it makes you sound clever

MMBullet_Green smaller Spend time brain storming with a select number of your customers about how you can improve what you already do

Your customers determine whether or not you have a business so make them the focus of it. Understand their "why" for buying from you and listen to their ideas for improvement and you will be amazed as you how you can make your business grow.

This does not mean that you should completely ignore your competition but they should not be your main focus. Get creative, get focused and build your customers loyalty.


If you are interested  positively improving your employees customer service engagement then contact Madeline McQueen now.

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